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Chartiers Valley High School: '9 to 5'


Chartiers Valley High School is performing '9 to 5' this year.

Show Dates:

March 6-9

Curtain time: 

7:30 p.m.


Go on sale Feb. 18

$10/ticket. Reserved tickets ONLY.

Senior Citizens:

Tickets are free for any night of the show, but only in the rear section of the auditorium. Otherwise, you must purchase a ticket for $10.00 for reserved seating.
You DO NOT need to pick up your complimentary ticket before the musical – you can get them at the door the night of the show.

To Purchase Tickets:

Tickets can be purchased at the door the night of the performance or calls can also be placed for Will Call tickets at 412-276-7843. Please leave name, phone number, number of tickets desired, and which performance date.

If you would like to buy your tickets ahead of time in person, please contact Kim Scalise at for ticket sale location and times.


DORALEE – Megan Henderson                                      HART – Matthew Guerry

VIOLET – Rocki Boulis                                                       JOE – Mitchell McDermott

JUDY – Ranae McIntyre                                                   DWAYNE – Gavin Calgaro

ROZ – Kelly Evangelista (Cast A)                                                DICK – Pat McCollum

            Emily Palma (Cast B)                                              JOSH – Alec Kinslow

MISSY HART – Angela Pannitti                                      BOB ENRIGHT – TJ Vercek

MARIA – Corrine Lumadue                                            TINSWORTHY – Gavin Calgaro

KATHY – Kelly Evangelista (Cast B)                                MARGARET – Maggie Ledrick   

                 Emily Palma (Cast A)



Jenna Albitz                                                 Alex Goldstein                                 Liz Suppo

Haley Bado                                                   Olivia Heckroth                               Shelby Timco

Becca Barton                                               Kayleigh Kane                                  Morgan Torchia

Sam Brunner                                               Lydia Nelson                                    Morgan Ward

Sherri Brunner                                            Leanna Pietracatello                      Dee Warne

Joe Franc                                                      Rebecca Ralich                                Brittany Windsheimer

                                                                        Tyler Salerno