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Preview: Geibel Catholic High School rehearses 'Cats'



Natalie Simon & Kim Raguza - Geibel Catholic High School will be performing “Cats” this spring.

Because the students don’t have a stage to utilize at their school, they rehearse and perform at State Theatre Center for the Arts in Uniontown. The 1920s theater has as much personality as director Nick Bell’s cast.

“The closeness they have with each other, the energy and their personalities are my favorite things about this year’s musical,” said Bell.

Senior Sadie Caccimello, who plays the outcast cat Grizabella, is pleased with Bell’s musical selection this year. Not only is it her favorite musical, it provides everything she loves about musical theater in general.

“I’m very excited to perform ‘Cats.’ It has a lot of singing and dancing and is a very high energy musical. I love it because it’s a good way to showcase the talent,” said Caccimello.

Speaking of talent, senior Cole Michael plays lead role Old Deuteronomy.

“Old Deuteronomy is the leader of all the cats. Everyone loves and looks up to me!” said Michael.

The “cast members have a lot of fun being on stage, but it’s a very demanding show.  It includes constant choreography and powerful music that requires the cast members to expand their vocal range.

“The songs are very challenging, but for me, my voice coach, Mr. Stutzman, has helped me sing my songs with ease,” said Michael.

Along with the help from Stutzman, the cast is taking the challenges head-on with the help of Bell and his 13 years of experience.

The show premieres March 30 and runs through April 1.