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Monessen High/Middle School: "Seussical"


Monessen is performing "Seussical" this year.


March 21 and 22 at 7:30 p.m. and March 23 at 4 p.m.


Adults $8

Children (12 and under) $4

Can be purchased at the door or starting the week of March 11 to 15 through the school office (724) 684-7100. Ask for GPA Sponsor Mrs. Brown.

Cast List:

The Cat in the Hat                         Levi Henry

Horton                                           Joey Fuoco

Gertrude McFuzz                           Alyssia Williams

Mayzie                                            Elishia Lippincott

Bird Girls                                       Victoria Cooper

                                                       Maria Lucy

                                                       Liz Fleming

                                                       Ryan Jordan

JoJo                                               Caitlyn Frolo

Sour Kangaroo                               Jackie Wiggins

Young Kangaroo                              Carlee Evans

Mr. Mayor of Whoville                   Josh Kramer

Mrs. Mayor of Whoville                 Alyssa Henry



Wickershams                                 Alec Tezsnar

                                                       Cameron Clausner

                                                       Jacob Francowic

                                                       Mallory Harrell

The Grinch                                     Tyler Caterino

Yertle the Turtle                           Kyle Sanders

Vlad Vladikoff                                Jordan Bolden

Jungle Citizens                              Dom Egidi

                                                       Hanna Leach

                                                       Madison Holmes

                                                       Cara Wheeler

                                                       Ryann MrLack

                                                       William Custodio

                                                       Shelby Lucy

                                                      Jenna Wilson

                                                       Madison Bennett

                                                       Julianna Roberts

Citizens of Whoville                      Olivia Peralta

                                                       Allison Pacak

                                                       Peyton Ford

                                                       Amanda Halgas

                                                       Mary Hartung

                                                       Leah Childs

                                                       Megan Francowic

                                                       Abby Walters

                                                       Mattie Telegraphis

                                                       Sydney Brown (1st Grade)

                                                       Lacey Caterino (1st Grade)