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South Park: 'Li'l Abner'


PITTSBURGH,None - South Park Drama Club Presents "Li'l Abner" in 2012.

March 22-24 at 7:30 and March 25 at 25 at p.m. in the South Park Auditorium. 

Produced and Directed by Mr. Joshua Baker
Musical Direction by Mr. William Rossetti
Production Design by Ms. Mamie Stein
Costume Designs by Ms. Leah Klocko
Choreography by Ms. Alexandra Rigby

Bobby Tramontina as Abner
Savannah Rankin as Daisy Mae
Jamie Stein as Mammy Yokum
Allison Beck as Pappy Yokum
Kevin Timko as Marryin Sam
Rachel Kirkin as Dr. Finsdale
Sean Kayton as Earthquake McGoon
Quilon Patterson as General Bullmoose