• 3 dozen displaced after heavy rain damages apartment building


    WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. - Three dozen people are without a home Friday after heavy rain began pouring into their apartment building.
    Residents of the Jefferson Apartments in Washington were told to leave after rain sent water streaming into the building Thursday.
    “The roof caved in.  It was tragic,” said resident Cory Thacker.
    People who live in the building said the leaking roof has been a problem for months and nothing has been done to fix it.
    “It rains here all the time.  The last time, it was like someone was pouring buckets and buckets of water,” said resident Autumn Walker.
    The Washington Fire captain said the building is no longer safe. Despite the warning, some residents have refused to leave, reported Channel 11’s Dave Bondy.
    Bondy was unable to get in touch with the owner of the building.
    The American Red Cross and Salvation Army are helping the 19 adults, 13 children and seven pets forced out, Channel 11’s Cara Sapida reported.

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