Baldwin High School: 'Shrek The Musical'


Baldwin High School will perform "Shrek - The Musical”" this year.

 Show Dates:

April 9, 2014 -- 7:00pm
April 10, 2014 – 7:00pm
April 11, 2014 – 7:00pm

April 12, 2014 – 7:00pm


All tickets are $10 reserved seating and may be purchased at the Baldwin High School Performing Arts Center box office or online beginning March 22 at 9:00 a.m. at


Cast List:


Eleni Andrulonis      Humpty Dumpty

Christa Bosetti            Duloc Dancer, Lady in Waiting, Guard, ,Choir

Michael Bower            Thelonius, Papa Bear, Knight

Elyse Breakwell          Villager, Lady in Waiting, rat feet, Choir

Kayla Brown   Mad Hatter

Natalie Brown Mama Bear, rat feet

Taylor Colbert Lady in Waiting, Guard, rat feet, Choir

Nick Cortazzo Little Pig Straw, Knight, Duloc Dancer

Julia DeGregorio         Duloc Dancer, Villager, Choir

Elaina DePetro            Mama Ogre

Scott Friedman           Captain of the Guards,

Nick Gardner  Guard Bannerman

Kalee George  Wicked Witch,

Shaquea Hatch            Grumpy, Rat Tapper

Andrea Henderson      Villager, rat feet, Choir

Taona Henderson        Villager, rat feet, Choir

Maggie Hines  Villager, Guard, rat feet, Choir

Tori Hochendoner       Duloc Dancer, Rat Tapper, freak flag rat, Choir

Chilombo        Kabungo         Bishop, Guard,

Maggie Karabinos       Villager, Guard, rat feet, Choir

Brandon Keller           Little Pig Sticks, King Herold

Stevie  Kisty   Knight, Villager, Guard

Erica Koenig   Villager, Duloc Dancer, Guard, Choir

Liz Lane                      Duloc Dancer announcer, Villager, Choir

Julie Lang                    Ugly Duckling

Allie Leng                   Fiona

Maddie Leschak         Villager, Greeter, Guard, rat feet, F double

Chris Luffy     Wolf

Kevin Malesic Donkey

Erin McGrady Young Fiona, rat feet, Alter Server, Villager

Chrissy McNamara     Duloc Dancer, Guard, rat feet, Choir

Casey Montana           Queen Lilian, rat feet, Villager, Choir

Haley Moore   Baby Bear

Morgan Pilarski           White Rabbit, Rat Tapper, Duloc Dancer

Emily Piso       Duloc Dancer, Rat Tapper, rat freak flag, Villager, Choir

Jaycee Revo    Villager, Duloc Dancer, rat feet, Choir

Lindsay Roadarmel     Dragon, Rat Tapper, Duloc Dancer

Sara Roberto   Duloc Dancer, Sign Bearer, Villager, rat feet, Choir

Katie Ryan      Teen Fiona, rat feet, Villager, Alter Server

Katie Sabo      Pinocchio, Blind Mice, Rat Tapper

Darcie Schrecongoste             Duloc Dancer, Rat Tapper, rat freak flag, Villager, Choir

Olivia Shoup   Elf

Sydney Stahl   Peter Pan, Blind Mice, Duloc Dancer

Stephen  Tsambarlis    Farquaad

Bri Walkup      Pied Piper, Blind Mice, Duloc Dancer, freak flag

Grant Weaver  Shrek

Nick White      Papa Ogre, Little Pig Bricks

Leanne Wilson            Duloc Dancer, Villager, Guard

Dani Wolfson  Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy

Becca Wolowicz         Villager, Rat Tapper, rat freak flag, Choir

Katie Zemaitis Fairy God Mother