• Boxer Puppy Stolen From Woman's Car In Walgreens Parking Lot

    WASHINGTON, Pa.,None - A woman in Washington said someone stole her children's boxer puppy from a Walgreens parking lot Thursday afternoon.

    Terri Fonner told police that she stopped at the store and left the puppy inside of her car while she ran inside for five minutes. When she returned, the dog was gone.

    "My son and daughter are sick with the flu and I needed to get them ginger ale," Fonner said. "So I took Max in the car with me for a ride. I went inside to get the ginger ale and a thermometer and he was gone."

    Max, the puppy, was a Christmas gift to Fonner's five-year-old twins, she said.

    Fonner filed a police report and said no one saw anyone take the dog from the car.

    "I checked under the seats," Fonner said. "I checked both car doors. I yelled in the parking lot. I ran into Walgreens and asked anyone if they have seen him."

    Fonner said she's hoping someone will notice something and want to help.

    "If you see some new dog in the area that might answer to Max, please contact somebody," Fonner said. "There is a reward, no questions asked. We just want him back."

    Walgreens officials told police they don't think the theft was caught on camera.

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