• Celebrities, collectibles featured at Steel City Con

    By: Natalie Simon


    MONROEVILLE,None - There are very few places where you can find a wall of Barbie dolls, piles of classic sports cards, Samurai swords and full-blown Star Wars and Ghostbusters costumes all in the same place. At Steel City Con, it’s the norm.

    The 2012 Pittsburgh toy, comic and childhood collectible show offered something for everyone. The vendors’ merchandise was just as diverse as the customers, and it was rare to see someone leave without a “Thank You for Shopping” bag in hand.

    The show featured celebrity appearances by Billy Dee and Corey Dee Williams from “Star Wars,” Ian Ziering from “Beverly Hills 90210” and Susan Olsen and Christopher Knight from “The Brady Bunch."

    “It’s great being here with (Susan). Some of my closest family is my ‘Brady Bunch’ family,” said Knight. “It’s also a lot of fun being here in Pittsburgh.”

    While the celebrities signed autographs and took pictures with fans, many other Con-goers walked around the 500 dealer tables, selling and displaying their merchandise. Independent stores had their tables flooded with products, and artists displayed their work in binders while they sat sketching more art.

    It was fun to watch the super fans of “Star Wars,” “Ghostbusters” and “A Clockwork Orange” walk around in costume. They had every outfit down to a T and said they wouldn’t miss a Steel City Con.

    "It’s just too much fun," three people dressed as Ghostbusters said.

    You don’t have to be a super fan to enjoy the uniqueness and entertainment Steel City Con provides. The show is being held at the Monroeville Convention Center through Sunday.  The hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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