• Construction workers save abandoned cat, kittens from box near dumpster (PHOTOS)


    PITTSBURGH - Two kind-hearted construction workers are being credited with saving several kittens and a cat Friday.

    Dan Rossi, the executive director of the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh, said the men noticed the box next to a dumpster on Butler Street in Lawrenceville. When they opened it, they discovered a cat and her four kittens.

    The men brought all of the animals to the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh, where they are being examined.

    Rossi said all of the kittens and the cat are expected to be OK. 

    One of the men who found the animals said he just can’t stand seeing an animal suffer, and he knew they were rescued just in time.

    Authorities are searching for the person or persons who left the animals at the dumpster. Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities.

    For more information on rescuing animals from the Animal Rescue League, click here.

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