• School stabbing victim in ‘extreme critical condition'


    MURRYSVILLE, Pa. - One adult and 21 students were stabbed at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville Wednesday morning.  Two other students were injured in the incident, officials said.
    Police said Alex Hribal, 16, ran through the school, slashing or stabbing students with two 8-inch steak knives.
    As of Thursday, one victim remains in “extreme critical condition” at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.
    “He’s got a lot of injuries, and we are really concerned with his health,” Franklin Regional School District Superintendent Gennaro Piraino said. “We are hoping it doesn’t turn into a tragedy. We are hoping the best for the family, and best for the student.”
    “It’s never easy when these traumas take place.  Patients have a hard time in the beginning, no question about it,” said Dr. Juan Carlos Puyana, a trauma surgeon at UPMC.
    Puyana is the surgeon who treated Jared Boger at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. 
    Boger was stabbed in his upper abdomen during the attack at his school Wednesday morning.
    "We spent very little time in the emergency room and took him upstairs to our operating room where we did an operation to control the bleeding which was the most important thing that needed to be done at that time," said Puyana.
    Boger underwent a second surgery Thursday.  Puyana said the knife did a lot of damage, nearly reaching Boger’s spine.
    "That compromised the abdomen wall, the liver, and went through near the aorta and close to the heart underneath," said Puyana.
    Boger is on a breathing machine to stabilize him, and he is responsive and will likely need more surgeries.

    "He may need some physical therapy.  But this prognosis, even though he is critical, his prognosis is good,” said Puyana.
    Seven victims remain hospitalized at Forbes Regional Hospital. Three of the victims are in critical condition, two in serious and two in fair condition.
    Two other victims are at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in fair condition.
    Witnesses said one student, who had been stabbed in the arm, pulled a fire alarm during the attack.


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