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Elizabeth Forward High School: 'Beauty & the Beast'


Elizabeth Forward High School will perform "Beauty and the Beast" this year.

Show Dates:

Thursday, April 11 @ 7PM

Friday, April 12 @ 7PM

Saturday, April 13 @ 2PM

Saturday April, 13 @ 7PM


All tickets are $10 and can be purchased by calling 412-896-2353.

Cast List:

Shelby Rushack as Belle

Gavin Carnahan as the Beast

Mattie Winowitch as Mrs. Potts

James Benedek as Lumiere

Bailey McCune as Gaston

Tyler Prah as Lefou

Mike Maloney as Cogsworth

Kayla Bilak as Babette

Katelyn Maione as Madame de la Grande Bouche (Wardrobe)

Zach Benedek as Chip

Neil McGuire as Monsieur D'Arque

Dylan Shaffer as the Prince

Rebecca Lewis, Lindsey Howard, and Molly Ference as SillyGirls 


Alyssa Madden, Jake Spagnol, Zach Denne, Mike Younge, Ron McEvoy, Luke Nero, Dallas Stanley, Chris Fritsky, Madison Marzolf, Josie Banks, Kasey Stragand, Paige Kearns, Lily Hunt, Hannah Demolin, Rachel Hough, Eva Shinavski, Ashley Mayersky, Rachel Shaffer, Kayla Smith, Hannah Durant, Andrea Reyes, Kristin Kulwik, Amber Fiore, Lindsey Kampas, Stephanie Thornton, Storm Dolfi, Allison Brown, Annie Wood, Amber Mayersky, Alexis Jones, and Allyson Youkers.