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Flying ice from uncleared car shatters woman's windshield



EVANS CITY, Pa. - A woman traveling through Evans City last week is left with a shattered windshield and a repair bill after flying ice from another car struck her vehicle.

Kathleen Melago said the damage to her car is so severe it looks like a deer could have caused it.

Melago told Channel 11’s Renee Kaminksi that she was on Evans City Road when a large chunk of ice came out of nowhere and struck her windshield.

“It was terryifying,” Melago said.  “A big chunk of ice came off a vehicle coming toward me.  I hoped it would miss my car, and it didn't.   It was just a terrifying loud sound when it struck the windshield.”

The impact blew glass in Melago's face and on her lap.  She was wearing sunglasses and fortunately wasn’t hurt.