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Freeport Area High School: 'Back to the 80's ...'


Freeport Area Senior High School will present “Back to the 80's: A Totally Awesome Musical!” on March 14, 15 and 16 at 7:30 p.m. 

Tickets are $7 ($3.50 for seniors with ‘Blue and Gold’ cards).  Please call 412-549-0191 for ticket information.


Corey Palmer (SENIOR)                 Sam Hanz

Corey Palmer (JUNIOR)                Vince Russo

Alf Bueller                                          Nick Russo

Kirk Keaton                                        Zach Persijn

Tiffany Houston                               Kate Snyder

Cyndi Gibson                                     Shelby Solla

Mel Easton                                         Rachel Sadecky

Kim Easton                                         Kayla Zboran

Roxeanne Barr                                  Megan Palko

Jenna Craig                                         Kayla Marasia

Michael Feldman                            Cray Alvarez

Billy Arnold                                        Chad Bargerstock

Lionel Astley                                     Ed Gamble

Huey Jackson                                    Uriah Lindsay

Feargal McFerrin                             Austin Burkett

Eileen Reagan                                   Anna Wilson

Laura Wilde                                       Gabi Zuccolotto

Debbie Fox                                         McKenzie Rodriguez

Mary Ann McLanahan                    Laura Will

Crystal Parker                                    Steph Bragiel

Ms Sheena Brannigan                    Shelbee Polena

Mr Steve Cocker                              Dan Kovach


Featured Dancer                              Brittany Kloes (Captain)

                                                                Jen Matjaski (Assistant Captain)

                                                                Carly Deel

                                                                Brenna Kloes

                                                                Madison Meehan

                                                                Aly Smith

                                                                Meredith Tirdel


Male Ensemble                                                Noah Earl

                                                                Nathan Gillespie

                                                                Nathan McCombs


Female Ensemble                           Sam Crummie

                                                                Natalie Dell

                                                                Adrianna Hessom

                                                                Shannon Hilss

                                                                Kayleigh Lowers

                                                                Kylie Lucas

                                                                Austyn McCombs

                                                                Katie Tantlinger