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Girl, 8, credited with saving sister from Knoxville fire



PITTSBURGH - An 8-year-old girl is being credited with saving the life of her 18-year-old sister from a fast-moving fire in Pittsburgh’s Knoxville neighborhood early Wednesday.

Flames were reported from the home around 2:30 a.m. on Zara Street, officials said. According to investigators, the home does not have electricity.

Channel 11’s Dave Bondy spoke to the girl’s family. They said they think a candle may have caused the blaze.

The young girl told Bondy she that woke up and saw smoke, and immediately ran to wake her sister. They both were able to get out the burning home unharmed.

“She woke up and she woke me up out of my sleep, and got us out of the house,” said sister Naquala Crosby. “We were holding hands and we were running down the steps together. It happened in the bedroom.”

The girls’ mother was not home at the time and said she rushed to the scene to find her children safe.

“She saved my life, because if I’d lost the lives of them… I don’t know what would’ve happened,” the girls’ mother Nicole Dillard said. “She saved my life too.”

Family members said the electricity to the home was scheduled to be turned back on today.

No other injuries were reported. Firefighters are still working to determine an official cause.