• Inspector finds dozens of violations at Rochester apartment building


    ROCHESTER, Pa. - A Beaver County building has dozens of code violations, and the people who live there are scared they’ll be forced from their homes.

    On Wednesday, Channel 11 walked through the 34 unit high rise on Connecticut Avenue in Rochester.

    “It’s scary because you’re in a place for a while, and you think that you’re situated,” said tenant Shannon Cochenour.

    An inspector found 27 inside the building that’s home tow two dozen families.

    Inside the building, Channel 11’s Timyka Artist reported seeing mold in the stairwells, sprinklers that don’t work, an outdated fire extinguisher and one apartment with no smoke detector.

    Outside the building, Artist reported seeing an overgrown lot supposed to be a playground and a broken access code.

    The borough manager said he’s working with the landlord to bring the building up to code and safety is a priority.

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