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James Wolpert's dad thanks Pittsburgh for voting for his son on ‘The Voice'

by: Carly Noel Updated:

PITTSBURGH - James Wolpert’s dad, George Wolpert, called me today and thanked WPXI for our coverage of his son, who is doing an outstanding job on “The Voice.”   

The former Carnegie Mellon University student and Shadyside Apple employee was announced as a top eight finalist this week.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my son.  I was proud of him before he even started the show,” said George Wolpert.

James Wolpert's dad was featured on one of “The Voice” episodes this week.  He said he had a blast visiting the set and watching his son perform live.

“It’s an amazing experience. I’ve been on the set of other shows, and there is absolutely nothing that compares to this show,” said George Wolpert.

George Wolpert and his wife got to meet their son's coach, Adam Levine.

“We had a chance to sit down with him.  I tried to keep my wife from melting into a puddle,” said George Wolpert.

I laughed and said, “Well, he was just voted the sexiest man alive by People.”

George Wolpert laughed and said Levine was a very nice guy. 

We also talked about James Wolpert's love for Pittsburgh.  I told him that we often write “Pittsburgh’s James Wolpert” in story headlines and social posts, and viewers will comment, “James isn’t from Pittsburgh.  He’s from Lancaster.” 

George Wolpert said his son thinks of Pittsburgh as his adopted home. 

“James would tell you that he has adopted Pittsburgh,” said George Wolpert.

I said, “If James makes it big, he might not be a Pittsburgh guy anymore.  He might have to become an L.A. or New York guy.”

“I don’t know,” said George Wolpert.  “He loves Pittsburgh.”

Well, Pittsburgh definitely loves him.

George Wolpert will return to Los Angeles on Sunday to support his son's quest to make the top six next week. 

Of course, James Wolpert's ultimate goal is to win the show, and you can help him do that by voting for him on Monday. 

“James has a great performance planned,” George Wolpert said.

WPXI encourages you to follow James Wolpert on TwitterThis year, the social save has helped contestants stay in the competition.  The more of a fan base James Wolpert has, the better chance he will have of being saved if he’s in the bottom three. 

So far on the show, James Wolpert hasn’t been in the bottom three and needed fans to save him.