• Local war dog Cir passes away


    PITTSBURGH - On Tuesday, the handler of local war dog Cir told us the German shepherd passed away.
    Channel 11 told its viewers about Cir last week. The incredible dog served in Iraq and Afghanistan, sniffing out bombs.  He was featured in a war book.
    “He would go on missions.  He would be in front of the convoys and on a 50-foot retractable leash,” said Jonathan Williams.
    Last week, Channel 11 reported the dog hero’s health was failing and the expenses were mounting.  Read story here.
    Not long after that, the Seven Fields Veterinary Hospital offered to help Cir for free. The vet plans to help other military dogs going forward.
    Cir was 13 years old.
    Thank Cir for his service on our WPXI-TV's Facebook page.


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