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15-foot sinkhole found on Ringgold Middle School property



WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa.,None - The Department of Environmental Protection was called to Ringgold Middle School after a sinkhole opened up on school property.

 Officials said the hole is 5 feet wide and 15 feet deep.

 "Our primary concern is to provide our students with a safe environment.  If there would be any problems we want to be prepared to address them," said substitute superintendent Dr. Karen Polkabla.

 Polkabla said mine subsidence caused the hole form. Channel 11's Vince Sims reported that two other sinkholes were located on private property next to the school.

 The Ringgold sinkhole sits far enough away from the building that officials are not calling it a major concern for students.

 "There's a football field, a soccer field and a baseball field, and it's even beyond those fields.  So at this point it's not any danger to the students," Polkabla said.               

 The DEP said all three sinkholes are on their priority repair list.