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Man, stepson accused of brutally beating man in hallway of apartment complex



VANDERBILT, Pa. - Two Fayette County men are facing several charges after police said they assaulted a man inside his apartment complex.

According to police, Odell Walker Jr. told police he heard screaming and then his door was kicked in and he was dragged into the hallway of his Main Street apartment complex about 9 p.m. Friday.

"They were stomping me, using fists, bats -- and people said there were bricks," Walker said.

After he was taken to UPMC Hospital for head injuries and contusions, Walker identified the men as Nathan Able and his stepson, Michael Teets.

“I had knots, like actual knots in my temples. I can still feel the pressure on my skull,” Walker said. “It was pretty bad, but I survived it.”

Walker told Channel 11's Courtney Brennan that he considered Able a friend, but he thinks he was drunk during the incident.

“This was supposed to be my friend, like somebody I trusted and hung out with,” Walker said.

Teets and Able remain in the Fayette County Prison awaiting a preliminary hearing April 9. They're facing several charges, including criminal conspiracy and aggravated assault.