• 2 Movies Film In Downtown Pittsburgh, North Shore


    PITTSBURGH,None - People in downtown Pittsburgh were caught off-guard on Friday after two separate film productions caused some closures.


    The film "One Shot" featuring Tom Cruise had spectators excited to get a glimpse of the big-name star, but many weren't aware that they were actually watching the production of another film.


    Seventh Street between Liberty Avenue and Penn Avenue was shut down and transformed into a New York City street for the production of an ABC Family movie called "Elixir."


    Channel 11 News caught movie star Sara Paxton in hair and makeup. Paxton, Chelsea Kane and Jane Seymour are all part of the "Elixir" cast.


    Many fans crowded around the set not realizing that there were two films in production within blocks of each other.


    "We asked if Tom Cruise was here," said Courtney Tamulonas.


    Cruise and the cast and crew of "One Shot" were filming on Pittsburgh's North Shore.

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