• 2 teens arrested for series of car break-ins in Morningside


    PITTSBURGH - Police arrested two teens suspected in a series of car break-ins in Pittsburgh’s Morningside neighborhood after a neighbor caught the boys in the act and called 911.

    Authorities said Suron Cotton, 19, and Bernard Davis-Durham, 18, were stealing from parked cars on Ellen’s Drive, when one resident saw the boys and dialed 911.

    The homeowner told police that when one of the suspects realized police were on their way, he threatened to shoot.

    Police said both suspects were running when they reached the 1100 block of Morningside Drive, but only one of the boys turned around and took on a pursuing police dog.

    According to authorities, Cotton kicked and punched the dog several times but was taken into custody along with Davis-Durham, who was found hiding from the dog on a nearby porch.

    Police said the teens were after cash and car keys.

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