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3-year-old found wandering inside South Hills mall twice in 1 day, police say



WASHINGTON, Pa. - A Washington County mother and her boyfriend are facing charges after her 3-year-old was found wandering around a local mall twice in one day.

According to police, witnesses spotted the boy alone on an escalator inside the South Hills Village Mall and then later outside in traffic.

“It upsets me because as a parent, it’s your job to watch your children constantly,” Bethel Park Police Sgt. Clifford Snitsky said.

According to the criminal complaint, Monica Moskal denied that her child was ever in danger or unattended. She also claims she was looking for her child.

Snitsky said as soon as mall security called police, Moskal, her boyfriend, David Weaver, and the child left.

“I thought it was a little unusual that they would run from security,” Snitsky said. “To have the help of shoppers was great. We usually don’t get that.”

Moskal and Weaver have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, officials said.