• 3-year-old saves pregnant mother's life


    WEYMOUTH, Mass. - She’s only 3 years old, but age didn’t stop a Massachusetts girl from saving her mother’s life.

    Aryanna Lynch’s intuition led her to call for help during a medical emergency.

    Lynch, who has watched her mother enter her cellphone password countless times, somehow figured out a way to punch in those numbers when her mom had a seizure and collapsed on the floor last month.

    “She was crying because Momma fell,” Aryanna said.

    Once she entered the password, the 3-year-old found her cousin’s photo next to her phone number and called her. That cousin then called 911 and led emergency responders to the house.

    “I was in shock. I’m still in shock even telling this story,” said Tiffany Lynch, Aryanna’s mother. “It is still amazing to me.”

    Aryanna was honored Wednesday, and received a special award from police, a badge, an early birthday gift from Wal-Mart and a scholarship to childhood pre-school.

    Tiffany Lynch has recovered and is doing well.

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