4 arrested during raid of suspected meth lab; Suspect references popular TV show


FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. - An extensive investigation into a suspected meth lab led to four arrests Wednesday in Beaver County, according to police.

Authorities said several various law enforcement agencies raided a South Hazen Avenue home early Wednesday morning.

Inside, officials said they found drug-making materials and four people. They were arrested and the home was slapped with a warning sticker.

Franklin Township police Chief Brian Speer said he’s not putting up with this in his community.

“We have been watching this house for a week. We went in and shut it down,” Speer said. “We’ll shut anybody else down that tries to come here (and do this.)”

Randy Mullhollen said he watched the raid go down.

“SWAT was out here with a bullhorn saying, ‘Everybody, stay in your homes. Stay in your homes,’” Mullhollen said.

The names of the people taken into police custody have not been released.

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