• Almost 800 bags of heroin, 4 arrested in Ellwood City's ‘biggest drug bust ever'


    ELLWOOD CITY, Pa. - A routine traffic stop led police to what they called the biggest drug bust in Ellwood City history and four arrests.

    Ellwood City police told Channel 11’s Amy Marcinkiewicz that two men and two women were in town from Detroit when their minivan was pulled over.

    Investigators said a K9 officer found some of the drugs hidden in a secret compartment in a wheel well of the car. The heroin was wrapped in duct tape and had been covered in grease in an attempt to hide any odors or smells, police said.

    Authorities said in all, officers confiscated 789 stamp bags of heroin valued around $20,000.

    Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court said he is proud of the city’s officers for taking the drugs off the streets and preventing it from being sold to area kids.

    The suspects’ names haven’t been released.

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