• 43-year-old New Castle graduate living out dream of playing college basketball


    PITTSBURGH - A 43-year-old New Castle graduate isn’t letting his age stop him from living his dream of playing college basketball.

    Brian Rice, who spent almost 25 years serving in the U.S. Navy, is a freshman on Geneva College’s men’s basketball team.

    “I’m 43, but I don’t feel 43,” Rice said. “I’m still young, that’s how I look at it.”

    When Rice graduated from New Castle High School in 1987 he chose to join the Navy instead of pursuing basketball.

    “Physically, I knew I’d be good to go because of the military training,” Rice said about beginning his college basketball career after the age of 40.

    Rice, who his teammates call Chief, said playing college basketball is like living out his dream.

    “My love of the game really drew me in. I’ve never gotten away from the game,” Rice said.

    Rice is set to graduate in less than a year, but has already proved to be an inspiration to all.

    “I love this game,” Rice said. “My hope is that I’ll persuade others that it’s never too late to pursue whatever your dream is.”

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