• 6-year-old unlocks mother's phone, calls 911 to save her life


    UNIONTOWN, Pa. - A 6-year-old was familiar with his mother’s phone because he played a game on it and that helped save his mother’s life.

    “My mom was sick, and I called 911,” said 6-year-old Wayne Fuller.

    Fuller’s mother, Stephanie, suffered a brain-stem stroke this week.  She couldn’t see or move.

    Fuller unlocked her phone to call authorities.  He knew how to unlock the phone because he does it often to play Candy Crush.

    Channel 11 reporter Brandon Hudson tweeted a photo of Fuller playing the game on a phone.


    Fuller’s 4-year-old brother, Ethan, helped him explain to an emergency crew how to get to the house.

    Relatives shared some of the warning signs of the rare stroke with Hudson.  They include severe headaches, high blood pressure and numbness on your side.

    Fuller's mother is recovering in the hospital and expected to be OK.

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