• Animal Rescue League needs help identifying dog found suffering from heat stroke


    PITTSBURGH - The Animal Rescue League received a dog Monday morning suffering from severe heat stroke.

    Volunteers quickly worked to cool her down and treated her with fluids, and are now looking for help in identifying and returning the pit bull, which was found wandering and disoriented.

    A good Samaritan picked up the dog, found without tags, a chip or name, after spotting her on a sidewalk along North Homewood Avenue.

    Dan Rossi, of the Animal Rescue League, said, “Anything over 104 [degrees of body temperature] is an emergency situation. When we checked this dog, it was 110, so we immediately iced her down and gave her fluids and that seemed to help right away.”

    As temperatures continue to rise, the Animal Rescue League is urging pet owners to make sure their pets are inside or in a cool place.

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