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Another scheme targets elderly victims; Police urge alertness



MILLVALE, Pa. - Authorities have issued yet another warning about a scam targeting the elderly.

Channel 11’s Jodine Costanzo learned this time, the victims asked for identification, but the suspect still pushed his way inside their home.

“I felt so bad. Her little eyes were all red,” Kimberly Bauer said about her neighbors.

According to Bauer, the woman and her husband, who are in their 90s, fell victim to thieves inside their Millvale home Thursday.

Detectives said one of the men claimed he worked for the electric company and he needed to check their appliances. After the woman asked for his ID, the man pushed his way into the home.

“She asked them for ID and he said, ‘I have this tester.’ On his shirt were three monogram letters, not sure what they were,” Bauer said. “She wasn’t going to let them in, but he basically strong-armed her to get in the house.”

Police said the man led the woman into the kitchen where her husband was. He distracted the couple while the second man snuck into the house and stole a coin collection and a gun.

“(The gun) was an antique and hurt him more than anything. Losing his father’s possession,” Bauer said.

Investigators told Costanzo that some scam artists come to town, rent a hotel room, target potential victims who appear vulnerable and then move onto another city.

Police are urging people to be aware and alert. Anyone who notices suspicious activity is asked to contact authorities.