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City councilman warns residents of Shadyside to be vigilant after violent home invasion



PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh city councilman Bill Peduto is warning residents of Shadyside to be vigilant after a violent home invasion on Walnut Street early Wednesday morning.

Police said they are looking for three men who pistol-whipped one person and robbed two separate apartments in the same building.

The men, who were covering their faces with bandannas, knocked on the door to a second-floor Walnut Street apartment about 2 a.m. and one claimed to have lost his key, police said.

According to police, when one of the four tenants inside opened the door, one of the men outside hit him in the head with a pistol and knocked him to the ground. He struck him four more times and said, “Where’s the money, where’s the weed,” police said.

The robbers took iPhones, computers and other electronics worth more than $12,000, authorities said.

Police said a newlywed couple on the first floor heard the commotion, and the woman walked upstairs to tell the men to keep it down.

The suspects chased her downstairs and forced their way into that apartment, stealing an iPhone, wedding bands, $350, car keys and an engagement ring worth $8,500, police said.

Channel 11's Dave Bondy reported that the couple had recently gotten married and were getting ready to leave for their honeymoon.

Peduto, who represents the area, is telling residents to be careful.

"You just always have to be proactive. That begins at the grassroots level. That grassroots level is done by the people who live in the community that don't tolerate it," Peduto said.

Peduto said police have some solid leads in the case and are working toward making arrests.