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Arnold police chief shoots dog after being bitten



ARNOLD, Pa. - The Arnold police chief was forced to shoot a pit bull Monday afternoon after the dog attacked him.

Authorities said multiple dogs were hanging out of the window of a home near 17th and Fourth streets.

When Chief Willie Weber arrived, one of the dogs jumped out of the window. According to Weber, the dog bit him in the leg and when he eventually shook the dog off, it showed its teeth and mauled him again.

“They jumped out the window and came at me. The male bit me in the leg. I tried to shake him off, but he came back at me with his teeth showing. I had to shoot him,” Weber said.

Weber told Channel 11’s Amy Marcinkiewicz that he had no choice but to shoot the dog. The dog died from the gunshot wound.

Neighbors who live in the area told Marcinkiewicz they agree that Weber had no choice but to shoot the dog.

“He got ahold of Willie’s leg and wouldn’t let go. He had to shoot him,” neighbor John Moffa said.

Animal Control officers and the Fire Department came to the scene to make sure all of the windows in the house were closed because of the other dogs in the house.

Marcinkiewicz reported the dog's owner, Velvet Morris, wasn’t home at the time of the incident. When Morris returned, she cried as she told Marcinkiewicz that she doesn't fault Weber.

“I don’t fault the chief for doing what he did. I don’t want my dog to take nobody’s life. He had to save his own,” Morris said.

Morris said if the chief felt his life was threatened, she understands why he shot her dog.

“The dogs are my babies, but I don’t fault him,” Morris said.