• Arrest made in connection with Brookline shooting


    PITTSBURGH -  Police have made an arrest in connection with a shooting last weekend in Brookline.
    Authorities said 20-year-old Kevin Kaiser is facing charges stemming from a shooting on Bellaire Avenue early Sunday morning.
    Investigators said gunshots were fired as teens and young adults left a house party.  Police said 75-100 people were leaving the house when the shots were fired.
    Police said Kaiser was involved in an argument and fired multiple shots into the crowd. A 15-year-old girl was hit in the shoulder and another bullet hit a home where a couple and their child were sleeping.
    Chuck Arn was on vacation and owns the house where the party was held.  He told Channel 11’s Dave Bondy his house guest, whom he had trusted, threw the party without his permission.
    "Broken window, cigarette butts everywhere, urine in the house and still finding beer cans -- full beers, actually," said Arn.
    Pittsburgh police are still investigating.  They’re looking into whether anyone else was involved in the shooting.

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