• Arrest warrant issued for owner of home in danger of collapsing


    CHARLEROI, Pa. - An arrest warrant has been issued for the owner of a Charleroi home that is in danger of collapsing and threatening nearby homes.

    Candace Devers told Channel 11’s Cara Sapida that she has called local leaders several times and asked for help with the crumbling Crest Avenue Home. Devers even said she hears pieces of the home falling down throughout the night.

    “The building has shifted, and I’m afraid it’s going to fall,” Devers said. “There are cracking noises like something is cracking in there.”

    The Code Enforcement Office said that the home was recently added to the demolition list, and authorities confirmed that the owner of the house, Michael Claybaugh, has four warrants out for his arrest for not maintaining the home.

    Authorities said Claybaugh told the Code Enforcement Office that he has relatives in the construction business, and they would take care of the home.

    “I want them to fix it up, or I’m going to have to leave because I can’t have something fall on me. It’s very unstable,” Devers said.

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