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Arrow shot into North Strabane home narrowly misses woman



NORTH STRABANE, Pa. - A North Strabane woman who was working in her home office said she was shocked to find an arrow nearly shot through her house.

Jill Spear said she thought someone had fired a gun at her home earlier this month while she and her daughter were inside.

"It sounded like a gunshot. I was terrified. I looked to make sure my daughter was OK. When I saw a camouflaged area I was stunned and we ran downstairs," Spear said.

Police said the arrow had penetrated through the home's siding and into the drywall of an upstairs room. Investigators said it does not appear that Spear was intentionally targeted.

"The police officer told me that some kids were being careless with their bow and arrow and now there is a hole in my siding and my drywall," said Spear. "I would say not to use them in crowded neighborhoods and to use them appropriately. Parents should teach their kids how to be more responsible about it."