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Article reports Tomlin as possible candidate for University of Texas head coach



PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin could possibly be on the University of Texas’ radar if their head coaching position becomes available, according to an article on CBS Sports’ website.

The report says although current UT coach Mack Brown hasn’t officially resigned or been fired, the school is considering their options should their head coaching position become vacant.

“Chip Brown of, who initially reported Brown was out and has always been a reliable source when it comes to Texas information, went on 'Fox Sports Live' and reported that Tomlin and San 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh are possible candidates for the job,” the article said.

The article says Texas will attempt to hire someone who has won a national championship or a Super Bowl -- something Tomlin has done and Harbaugh nearly did last year.

“You can never say never when it comes to coaching jobs and it comes to money. Like I said, Brown's been pretty spot-on with Texans info. But that pair of names seems like a stretch,” the article said.

The Steelers and Tomlin have not commented on the article.

Brian Davis, who is the Longhorns reporter for the Austin American-Statesman, Channel 11’s sister property, reported that he's talked with people close to Tomlin and "there is no way Mike Tomlin would consider leaving the Steelers.”

Davis also said he doesn’t believe Harbaugh would leave the 49ers for Texas.

According to reports, Alabama’s Nick Saban is also on Texas’ wish list should they be forced to look for a new coach. Davis said he could see this happening if Saban wants to win a title at a third different school.