• Bail increased for suspects accused of plotting to kill man in park


    ROSTRAVER, Pa. - The three suspects accused of trying to murder a man in a Westmoreland County park on Christmas Eve appeared in court Monday.

    Prosecutors alleged Kimberly Thompkins was having an affair with Robert Crosby, and they planned to kill Kimberly's husband, Adam Thompkins.

    According to police, Crosby stabbed Adam Thompkins repeatedly in the head on Dec. 24 in Cedar Creek Park. A park worker eventually disrupted the plan, and Adam Thompkins survived.

    Investigators alleged that Crosby and Kimberly Thompkins received help from Daryith Stevens, who brought knives and pliers to the scene.

    The details of the planned attack, and a supposed confession, were enough for a judge to increase Crosby's, Stevens' and Kimberly Thompkins' bail from $100,000 to $250,000.

    "The commonwealth unfortunately made a motion to raise the bond, and the judge agreed with that motion," defense attorney Anthony Bompeani said. "I don't think it was proper because there wasn't really any new evidence put forth."

    Crosby's attorney, Brian Aston, said his client wouldn't run if he made bail.

    "He has been a member of the community quite a number of years. He lives with his mother, his sister, his child and the mother of that child," Aston said.

    Channel 11's Joe Holden tried asking Crosby about the alleged incident on Monday.

    "No comment. I plead the Fifth. No comment," Crosby said.

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