• BB shooting spree hits too close to home for Rankin family


    RANKIN, Pa. - Several cars were damaged in Rankin over the weekend after someone decided to go on a BB shooting spree.

    One of the victims told Channel 11’s Vince Sims that she and her son thought it was much worse.

    “It’s scary. It was just a BB, but that can still hurt someone,” she said. “My son was scared. He thought we got shot.”

    Authorities said it happened at the intersection of South Braddock and Kenmawr Friday night.

    “It was inches away from my son’s window, so it was very scary. It could have hit the glass and cut my son. If the window was down, it could have hit my son,” the woman said.

    Channel 11 News has confirmed with Rankin police that there have been other similar incidents in the area.

    “There have been about four or five in that area recently where vehicle have been hit with pellet guns,” Rankin police Sgt. Pedro Valles said.

    Police ask if this happens to anyone, that they report it right away.

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