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Beaver Co. woman who told police her non-existent twin stole from hotel talks to Channel 11


BIG BEAVER, Pa. - A Beaver County woman accused of robbing a hotel and then pointing the finger at her non-existent twin spoke to Channel 11 News on Thursday.

Investigators said Jennifer Brown stole comforters, blankets, a hair dryer and other items from the Big Beaver Holiday Inn earlier this month.

Brown said she admits to lying about having a twin, but also said she made up the story to cover for someone else.

"I rented a hotel room for myself and a girlfriend of mine and her son. We spent $365. I spent $365 for the room. I paid for the room. We were waiting on an apartment. I didn't even know she took the stuff until we got to the Alpine and started unpacking bags," Brown said.

Brown faces charges of robbery and lying to police.