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Beaver County sheriff accused of pointing gun at reporter



BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. - The creator of the online newspaper claims Beaver County Sheriff George David pointed a gun at him during a meeting on Monday night.

Reporter John Paul told police the sheriff threatened his life with the gun after a heated argument.

David's attorney told Channel 11 News the reporter was discussing finances with the sheriff, and hours later, he received a call that Paul had filed a report.

"My client never pointed a gun at anyone," said David's attorney, Myron Sainovich.

Sainovich said two other deputies were in the room at the time of the meeting. He said David thought he and Paul had a good relationship.

"Both deputies say nothing was said or done that would indicate that he had, in any way, threatened those people or their lives," Sainovich said. "I think if there had been something like that, then those deputies would have had to react. They couldn't have allowed the sheriff to point a gun at someone or threaten a life and not go do anything about it."

Officials said no charges have been filed in the case, but the Attorney General's Office is looking into the allegations.