• Bicyclists raise awareness as they ride for those who no longer can


    PITTSBURGH - Dozens of bicyclists took to the street Wednesday as part of BikePGH’s 10th-annual Ride of Silence.

    Participants told Channel 11’s Pamela Osborne that their goal was to send a message without actually saying a word. They took to the street and want you to notice them.

    “We’re here to create change and ban together,” said Scott Bricker, of BikePGH.

    Nearly 100 people rallied together before a 10-mile ride in memory of those who no longer can. The ride is in memory of people who have been killed or injured in traffic accidents.

    Wearing helmets, safety vests and lights, the bicyclists hope to raise awareness to drivers.

    “It’s not a race. It’s just driving,” one said.

    Check out the video above for Pamela’s full story.

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