• Bishop Zubik calls two popular popes' path to sainthood ‘double blessing'


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh’s Bishop David Zubik called Friday a “double blessing,” as Pope Francis cleared the way for sainthood for two popular popes.

    John Paul II was put on the fast track for sainthood after his death, and on Friday, Francis approved the second miracle needed to canonization. That miracle involved a Costa Rican woman who said she was cured from a brain aneurism.

    Zubik said he believes Paul’s impact, especially with youths, is a key part of his legacy.

    “He got a lot of young people fired up about their faith, and a lot of those people, or some of those people I should say, are working for the church today and many more others are involved in the church,” said Zubik.

    Francis also waved Vatican rules so Pope John XXIII could be declared a saint.

    The Vatican expects to hold canonization ceremonies by the end of the year.

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