• Blackhawk teachers upset, saying their contract was revoked


    Teachers in the Blackhawk School District are upset after they said their contract was revoked.

    It was standing-room only inside the school board's meeting Thursday night.

    Last week, the new school board voted 7-2 to break a teachers’ union contract voted on by members of the previous board in September.

    “Together, we agreed on 2 percent cost of the living raise,” said Jared McCowin, of the Blackhawk Education Association.

    On Thursday, members of the community voiced their opinions.

    “The lack of respect this board has shown for the teachers and PSEA is a disgrace to our community,” said parent Eric Hoover.

    No school board members commented because of pending legal proceedings on their vote.

    The superintendent didn't comment directly either and just spoke on the impact of the raise.

    "Your actions are illegal and will prove to be a fool’s errand.  Your scheme will only succeed in eroding the credibility and good word of the Blackhawk School District," said Anita Mensch, of the Blackhawk Education Association.

    The union filed a suit with the Pennsylvania Labor Board for unfair labor relations.

    A spokesman said the group will continue to teach and push for the board to change its mind.

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