• Blog ranks Pittsburgh as ‘America's Smartest City'


    PITTSBURGH - A recent study released by a real estate blog has ranked Pittsburgh as “America’s Smartest City.”

    The study, released by the Movoto Blog, based their criteria on education level, universities per person, public school rankings and more.

    The blog said Pittsburgh was No. 1 “mostly because of the large number of colleges and universities in the area.”

    According to the study, the top 10 smartest cities are:

    1. Pittsburgh, Pa.
    2. Orlando, Fla.
    3. Washington, D.C.
    4. Atlanta, Ga.
    5. Honolulu, Hi.
    6. Tampa, Fla.
    7. Seattle, Wash.
    8. San Francisco, Calif.
    9. Cincinnati, Oh.
    10. Miami, Fla.

    To visit the blog's website, click here.

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