• Bomb squad called to Newell Township after officers found possible explosives


    NEWELL TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Police trying to execute a search warrant on Monday found possible explosives inside a house in Newell Township, Fayette County. 

    Police said they weren't looking for explosives.  They said they got a tip that there were stolen weapons in the home.   They went in looking for those and stumbled upon the possible explosives, according to police.

    The Southwest Regional police chief called in the Allegheny County bomb squad after finding the possible explosive material in the home on Miller Street. 

    "We were in the process of executing a search warrant here in Newell and we came across a box of items we believe to be explosive in nature.  We contacted the Allegheny County Bomb Squad to examine the items and remove them if necessary," said John Hartman of Southwest Regional police.

    Police recently arrested three men for a burglary spree in the area.  They said that investigation led to the tip about the stolen weapons and that led to finding the possible explosives.

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