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Bomb threat triggers evacuations at 3 Leechburg Area schools



LEECHBURG, Pa. - A bomb threat triggered the evacuation of close to 1,000 students and faculty members from multiple Leechburg Area schools Tuesday morning.

According to Interim Superintendent Frank Prazenica, the high school, middle school and David Leech Elementary were evacuated around 9 a.m.

The threat, found in a school bathroom Tuesday morning, was intended for the high school, according to Prazenica.

"But we evacuated the nearby buildings for the safety of everybody," Prazenica said.

The schools were closed for almost three hours until police reported that the buildings were clear and safe, Prazenica said.

Prazenica said no injuries were reported during the evacuations and they went orderly.

The students were taken to nearby buildings while several law enforcement agencies searched and secured school buildings.