• Boy, 5, OK after 4-story fall from Wilkinsburg apartment


    WILKINSBURG, Pa. - Police say a 5-year-old boy somehow survived a fall from a fourth-floor apartment window near Pittsburgh.

    Authorities say the incident happened about 2:10 p.m. Sunday in Wilkinsburg.

    Witnesses say the boy's father rushed outside to tend to his son and urged the boy not to move until paramedics arrived. Channel 11's Cara Sapida spoke to the boy's father on Monday. He said his son suffered two broken feet, but his biggest worry was upsetting his mother.

    "His biggest worry was upsetting his mother. She was crying. He said, 'Mom, don't cry I'll be OK,'" said the boy's father Justin Collins.

    Collins said his son Jared was playing in the living room with his little sister when he fell through the window and landed on concrete below. Collins said his son somehow landed on his feet and was alert while they waited for emergency crews to arrive.

    "He was also worried about getting a shot, needles, at the hospital. He didn't want that either. I said, 'Son that's the least of your worries. You fell out of a window,'" said Collins.

    The boy was taken to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh where he's listed in good condition.

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