• Boy, 6, suspended for sexual harassment after kissing classmate on hand


    A 6-year-old Colorado boy was suspended for sexual harassment after his mother said he kissed a classmate on the hand.

    The boy’s mother said the punishment has gone too far and she wants the sexual harassment charge removed from his record.

    “They sent me to the office fair and square. I feel sorry,” the boy said. “I have a lot of energy. I mean six year olds? They have a lot of energy.”

    The boy’s mother said he was in class when he leaned over and kissed the girl on the hand. His mother said the girl was fine with it because the two are “boyfriend and girlfriend.”

    Hunter’s mother said he has had problems in school in the past, and he is being disciplined at home for his actions. She says, however, the sexual harassment accusation is unwarranted. 

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