• Boy hit with shrapnel when six shots fired at Jeannette home


    JEANNETTE, Pa. - A boy in Jeannette escaped serious injury when someone opened fire into his home.

    “It was stinging really badly,” said Trent Marciniak, 11.

    That’s how Marciniak described what it felt like after he was hit with shrapnel behind his ears.

    The incident happened at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night.

    Police said someone fired six shots into the boy's bedroom.

    “He was giving me a kiss goodnight because it was time to go to bed, and that’s when we heard the gunshots go off,” said mother Candie Teeters.

    “I ran downstairs, and I didn’t even care if I got hurt, and called 911,” said MaryEllen McAuliffe, Marciniak’s sister.

    Police responded within minutes. 

    “A lot of people are down on Jeannette police, but kudos to them because they were fantastic,” said Dee McAuliffe, Marciniak’s grandmother.

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