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Brentwood residents report over 2 dozen cars vandalized overnight



Residents of one Brentwood neighborhood told Channel 11 News that they woke up to find over 25 cars vandalized in the area.

According to people who live on West Willock Road, Olancha Avenue and Kaufman Street, every car that was parked on the roadways Thursday night into Friday morning were spray-painted with red paint.

Many residents that spoke to Channel 11 were upset about the damage.

“Unbelievable; so disrespectful. You work for a living and you got to wake up to this," said Diana Narey, one of the victims.

Several photos sent to the Channel 11 newsroom show a single line of paint, seemingly done without thought, across many of the cars.

Now, the owners of these cars are worried about the costs associated with the damage.

"This could be a financial burden because I'm on a very fixed income, hurt, disability," said Bob Collins, another victim. "I hope they can catch this guy, or kids.”

Brentwood police said they were taking reports throughout Friday and said about 20 cars were hit.

Police also said that they are looking at surveillance cameras from in the area and are hoping that will give them some clues on suspects.

Police asked everyone in the Brentwood neighborhood to inspect their vehicles and report any damage. Anyone who may have seen someone in the area between midnight and 5 a.m. on Friday are asked to contact police.