• Bullet goes through Peppi's delivery driver's windshield on North Side


    PITTSBURGH - A Peppi's delivery driver was caught in the crossfire of a shooting Thursday afternoon in the North Side.

    According to police, Scott Drobnoek’s car was hit with a bullet while he was driving to Pittsburgh’s main post office on California Avenue just before noon.

    The bullet went through the van’s windshield, but Drobnoek wasn’t injured in the shooting.

    “As I saw people running, there was another round of shots came and one just happened to go through my windshield,” Drobnoek said. “That’s when I just sort of thought fight or flight, so I took off.”

    Witnesses told police they heard multiple gunshots fired.

    “This is pretty extraordinary. A bullet passes this way and misses your guy by literally inches,” Peppi’s owner Jeff Trebac said. “I think it passed over, probably over his arm, hit the window and stuck to the door frame.”

    Authorities have not released any information about who the shooters were or why they were shooting.

    The incident remains under investigation.

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